MiscanValue – CORNET

Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, VI. Cooperation – Clusters – Collective Research

Eligible expenses:
CZK 13 466 408,00

CZK 9 089 826,09 (67,5%)

Project partners:
TU Dresden, PTS Heidenau

Project contractual partners:

Project website:

The main objective of the project is to innovate the production of paper and pulp and pulp products using the biomass of the perennial grass Miscanthus x giganteus (giant ragwort), which will be produced in a sustainable way mainly on marginal soils (brownfields, polluted soils, etc.) and post-mining sites.

The project will be designed in a comprehensive manner with the aim of creating a value chain from sustainable management of the sites through harvesting, storage and processing of the biomass to energy recovery of the waste generated.

The project will bring new business opportunities to the companies associated in the Wasten cluster, will have a motivating effect on R&D intensity including international R&D cooperation and will have positive environmental impacts. The most significant positive impacts are expected in the structurally affected regions (Ústí and Moravskoslezský).