LCA Studio, s.r.o


Šárecká 1962/5, 160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Year of establishment:

Number of employees:

107 74 424

We are an expert team engaged in the preparation of LCA studies, the creation of environmental product declarations EPDs, EPD verification for The International EPD System and the creation of documents for Product Environmental Footprint PEF and Organization Environmental Footprint OEF declarations. We also provide life cycle based environmental data for GRI reporting.

Through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, we can determine the environmental impacts of products, services and organizations. Furthermore, this method is used to calculate the carbon footprint or to prepare Environmental Product Declarations according to EN ISO 14025. The results of LCA studies can also be used to reduce the environmental impact of companies, for communication with customers, to increase competitiveness or for research and development. In this way, we can minimize negative environmental impacts and choose the right steps for a better future.