Euroforum Group, a.s.


Lublaňská 667/42, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady


Year of establishment:

Number of employees:

248 17 732

Euroforum Group, a.s. has been successfully dealing with subsidy management for over 10 years and obtaining subsidy support for its clients from European and state funds.

Grant management in our concept is a service that begins with consulting in the preparatory phase of the project in order to find the right grant title – the correct formulation of the project plan is absolutely crucial for the success of the grant application. It continues with the preparation and submission of the Grant Application, providing support in the process of comments and evaluation of the Application (in the Czech Republic and the EU), preparation of the implementation including complete administration of tenders under Act 137/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement and monitoring both during the project implementation and in the required period after its completion.

Our services are used by a wide range of clients: manufacturing companies (small, medium and large), municipal and city authorities, universities and scientific institutes. Thanks to many years of practical experience, we are able to deal not only with “standard” subsidy projects, but we practice an individual approach (especially, as already mentioned, the preparatory phase of the project) and we can not only provide qualified advice, but actually help the applicant to obtain the subsidy and take over all the complex administration for him.