Research Institute of Plant Production, v. v. i.


Drnovská 507/73, 161 06 Praha 6 – Ruzyně

+420 233 022 111 (switchboard)

Year of establishment:

Number of employees:

000 27 006

VÚRV, v. v. i. is the largest applied research institute in the Czech Republic with its 300 employees, focused on crop production and related fields. In addition to the main workplace in Prague-Ruzyně, the Institute has research and experimental stations and other workplaces throughout the Czech Republic, including its own vineyard in Karlštejn. In addition to traditional fields such as crop production, agroecology, genetics and breeding, plant nutrition, plant medicine and stock protection, research is now more focused on sustainable farming systems, both in terms of soil protection from erosion or nutrient leaching and in terms of a sustainable approach to protecting crops and their products from harmful organisms. New research lines are being developed, particularly in the fields of plant biotechnology and molecular biology, food quality and safety, and the production and processing of non-food crops and bio-waste.