Essence Line, s.r.o.


Radiová 1285/7, 102 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař

+420 604 242 593

Year of establishment:

Number of employees:

265 05 142

Essence Line has been a successful biotechnology company with its own scientific research for many years. It focuses on the market development of products and services, primarily in areas related to genotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, cytotoxicity, DNA diagnostics and other biochemical assays.

Essence Line carries out a broad portfolio of research activities supported by the Czech Republic and the EU, focusing on the development of new diagnostic tools and advanced laboratory equipment with a particular focus on healthcare and the environment. In collaboration with academic institutes, Essence Line develops original analytical methods and applies them in practice using HPLC-MS/MS, NMR, RT-PCR and microarrays.

Essence Line provides the complete bioanalytical services necessary for monitoring plant and animal biomarkers, as well as human-oriented screening of new potential diagnostic markers for use in clinical practice.